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  • Melissa,

    Hang in there! The waiting for results is so so hard and i know just how you feel when you look at your children and panic at that thought that anything could happen to you. But there isnt any point freaking out until you know what you are dealing with - you might not have anything at all, and even if you do, there is a really good chance that they can cure it and that things will be just fine (look at the survival rates for cervical cancer - they are generally very good). Two weeks is i think normal for a pap smear though in some cases i do think they can be rushed - did you tell your gyn how tortured you are and ask if there is any way to rush it? Also did you have a colposcopy exam? They should be able to tell you alot just from that - when i went and saw a gyncecological oncologist he told me that they usually can rule out stage II and higher cancer just by looking. I really feel for you b/c i can really relate to where you are - i had the same terror - but you can get beyone it and you can be okay. hang in there.


  • 06-02 -2008
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