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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • My story starts in November of 2006, I was diagnosed w/ HPV. My doctor did a colposcopy and I was told I needed to have paps done every 3 months. So that is what I did and 9 months later (at my 3rd pap) I was told I had abnormal cells. They did a colposcopy w/ endometrial biopsy. That came back with severe dysplasia and carcinoma in situ cells. I was scheduled to have a cone biopsy to be done 12/4/07 which it was done and 3 weeks later at my f/u appt I was told that the speciman came back as Stage 1b cancer. I was then sent to a Gyno/Oncologist. So the day after Christmas I went to see him and he said I needed to have a Radical Hysterectomy. On January 4, 2008 I was in the hospital for that. They left my ovaries but took everything else and the kitchen sink (this includes 18-20 lymphnodes and the tendons surrounding the cervix). You\^d think my story ends there but it doesn\^t I had alot of post surgical complications and my 4 day hospital stay turned into 14 days. My doctor said I was a very unusual case and that this shouldn\^t have happened. I am a healthy young adult and have no other medical problems. He told me I was a trooper and that does make you feel a little better. Especially when every day that I was in the hospital it seemed like something new was wrong with me. I felt like my head was spinning this happened so fast. But I guess that is better to do everything quickly than to have the alternative. I have a wonderful support system. My husband was awesome through all of this (his mom is a breast cancer survivor) so he has some history with that. I have 2 kids 8 and 12 they didn\^t know everything going on but they were so helpful and great especially when I came home and was still out of commission for another 2 weeks. It is now June 2008 and I have some abdominal cramping and sometimes some tenderness during intercourse but other than that nothing else. Well that\^s my story not the end but just the beginning. Life\^s short you need to live it while your here. That\^s exactly what I am doing.
  • 06-02 -2008
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