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  • I just got on this website because I need some support. I just got told that I have HPV and have signs and symptoms of cervical cancer - bleeding between periods, after intercourse, and a very tender cervix. When they did my pap this morning, it started bleeding. Now they say it will be two weeks before they get my results back. Is this a normal length of time? I also had a bacterial infection that they gave me medication for and cryotherapy for some HPV warts. I feel like a total mess. I\^ve been going to the doctor/allergist for the past six months because of strange rashes that keep popping up and was checked for about a billion autoimmune diseases. No one mentioned possible cancer until today. I\^m 28! How can this happen? Does anyone have any association between cancer and unexplained rashes? I\^m scared to death. I have a seven year old child and the thought that anything could happen to me is overwhelming when I think of him.

  • 06-01 -2008
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