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  • Hi ladies, my name is Kassandra, I\^m 22 years old and my rollercoaster started in late February 2006. I was 20 and miscarried my first child, at that time I found out I was Rh-Negative. I also was told that my Pap came back abnormal and I either had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or Cancer. Never was HPV brought to my attention. I still had NO IDEA it existed. I was 20. I had normal paps since I was 17. I went to a specialist for a Colposcopy/Biopsy. He let me watch it--it was pretty fascinating. I got my results back and I had Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions (LSIL). Nothing to be concerned about. I was never told I had HPV. I was never told there was such a thing. Four months later, July 2006, I had a clean pap.

    Before my next pap could be scheduled, I was pregnant again, January 2007. So they did a pap as always with pregnancies. I was told I needed another Colposcopy (no big deal to me, I knew what it would say.) However, I was wrong. I had HPV. I was told it flared up during the pregnancy because my immune system was weakened and that it would clear up after the baby was born. I was concerned about the HPV and researched what I could. That\^s when I discovered the link to Cervical Cancer. I read that if your HPV strain causes genital warts that it was a different strain than those that cause Cancer, so I wasn\^t worried.

    I went in January 2008 for another Pap just after my daughter was born. Two weeks later I get a call they tell me I have two options, Cryosurgery on my cervix, or a repeat Pap in 4 months. I had to choose the latter. I had just changed my job and was in the \"trial\" period before I could get insurance.

    This last Monday, May 19, 2008, I went to my repeat Pap where my Dr. told me that my HPV did not clear up as he would\^ve liked. He told me the HPV I had is that strain that causes Cervical Cancer. Again I thought to myself that I shouldn\^t worry. Cancer doesn\^t spread that fast. I\^ve been keeping an eye on my situation. I should have no need to worry. I\^ve been responsible! I\^ve only had unprotected sex with 3 different men. I\^ve had paps before and after. I\^ve been responsible!

    But reading your stories, has opened my eyes. Cancer CAN spread that fast. My tests could\^ve been wrong. Sandra\^s story scared me. They took FOUR samples from her instead of just the one, like they did with me. They could\^ve missed something in me. They almost did with her! That terrifies me. I\^m tempted to stop reading. But it also gives me hope. My support system sucks. My mom is the type that believes \"Don\^t think about it and it\^ll go away.\" and my boyfriend doesn\^t understand.

    Anyways, Thanks for listening.
  • 05-21 -2008
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