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  • My name is Lisa & was first diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1b in July 2003. I\^ve always had yearly pap smears. I am a very rare case from the beginning & still fighting this disease. I was given a partial hysterectomy with ovaries intact with no chemo that year. Two years later it came back with a vengeance & had to get ovaries, gall bladder & appendix taken out with followup 6 chemo treatments of Carbo & Taxol. The cancer was spreading even after getting checkups & catscans done on time. Two years later in July 2007 it\^s still metastisized and I have 2 spots behind my ribs. One near spleen and another near kidney but not in the organs. I was given 8 rounds of chemo- Doxil & carbo and it shrunk mostly until it came up pet negative on the pet scan. My chemo ended Jan. 2008. 3 months later it came back in two same spots but nowhere else and pet scan was positive. I just found out today that my cea levels in 3 weeks time went up from 3.9 to 7.1 the highest I ever had. My doctor is suggesting surgery to remove it with more chemo to follow up. If anyone out there knows any cutting edge treatments specifically for chemo, radiation or others, please let me know. I am looking into all my options even clinical trials. I feel great but unfortunately still battling this disease that they say is 100% curable. Again, I am a rare case and my doctor has to specialize my treatments specifically to me. I have 2 wonderful children ages 14 and 11 and wasn\^t planning to have more when this all happened to me. I thank God for every day I am given.
  • 05-20 -2008
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