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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • At age 27, I would have never expected to hear the words -you have cancer- but I did and those words changed my life forever. Originally I thought my cervical cancer diagnosis was my death sentence, little did I know that the worst thing that had happened in my life would be my turning point and my door to a better life. My doctors told me I could fight this, to keep a positive attitude, follow my treatments -chemo and radiation- and learn as much as I could about my illness in order to take better care of myself. I was devastated but I hold on to the words of encouragement and so my battle began. I think I had about every complication that comes with cancer: a thrombus in the right atrium of my heart, a pulmonary embolism, blood clots coming up my legs, anemia, colitis, hematurria, even neuropathy. I felt a little lost at times, like I was loosing the battle; but I was surrounded by my loving family and great friends who kept encouraging me to fight, to hold on to my faith, that one day we will laugh about all this, and we did. We laughed about every weird test I had to get done or the sometimes embarrassing symptoms that came with the treatments, we laughed -and cried together too of course, sometimes you just have to- but laughter kept me going. Attitude is a big part of the fight. I have been in remission since 2000 and although I will forever have the scars that cancer left on me (such as not being able to conceive or my \"marching style\" walking, they are just that, scars; proof that I fought and won. I am excited about my life after cancer, since the diagnosis I decided to start fresh, with a renewed and positive attitude, it was a new opportunity and I was happy to be alive. I was able to complete a degree that I had postponed for the longest time, and I did while on chemo just to stay busy, now I am pursuing another one; life after cancer has been better than ever, I have everything I need in my life; my health, love, a good family and friends, even two wonderful dogs!I have been able to do things I\^ve never even thought about before, it\^s great to be alive! There is life after cancer and it is wonderful and full of promises. Keep fighting girls!
  • 05-20 -2008
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