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  • Hi my the mname is Julie i am a survivor of cervical cancer stage 1b i had a hertimes donnt know if that is spelt properly histerectomy 19 months ago. basically my life was destroyed so I thought at the time. I am now on 4 monthly checkups but that is it when reading your letters i cant understand why i dont get any pap tests done will ask doc next time i go in (4) weeks time. I was 35 years old with a 13 year old son who I never told till a year after surgery. I go to a hospital in Sheffield where I was well looked after. I still have numbness in my left side and aches in my sides but they are not to bad. I stay positive ereeveryday and tell myself it is not going to come back I am happy my home life now is so much better I do not worry about anything. Only thing is I do not have much sympathy for others when they are moaning about there little sniffles or the young ones at work are going off with stress. Does anyone else still suffer from ovarian pain because my ovaries were still left it comes and goes. You can tell I have,nt reaaly spoke much about this because I really don,t know where to start. I thought I was cracking up I thought I was going to die I just did not know where to turn, the nights were the worst I used to get up and cry down the phone to the samaritans. I felt let down I had been for all my smear tests all clear then I noticed I used to bleed a little after sex but when I went to ask for a smear they would not give me one cause I was not due Ha! But I have come out the other end a better person, happier wiser and I pray every night for god to keep us all well. Thanks for listening I know it is all a bit mixed up but I still have not got a straight head.
  • 05-20 -2008
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