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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am 28 yrs old and have underwent various treatments since the age of 20. It all began when I was pregnant with my first daughter. They did the routine pap and it came back abnormal. I panicked. I didn\^t know what they ment. My Dr told me that I had a lot of abnormal cells and dysplasia from 12 to 3 on my cervix. He said the next step was to do a colposcopy and that way we could see everything for sure. I went back a week later to have this done. Terrified of the results. Once my results were in he told me that we were going to have to do a leep biopsy. After he explained to me the process I didn\^t think that I would want to have it done. It didn\^t sound like much of a picnic. I went in for the leep about 2 days later and was miserable. My dr informs me after my next pap that I still had abnormal cells which sent me back into a panic. My husband had no clue what cervical cancer was and my support system was failing. I went back to the dr 4 more times after that for more colposcopy\^s and Leeps to be done. I had had 2 more children in this time frame. They removed from 12 to 9 of my cervics and my dr advised me that if I wanted more children the time to do it was now. I had my youngest daughter July of 2006 and had my tubes tied. When I went to a diffrent dr he did my cancer screen and said that I came up with a normal pap and that it looked as though the cancer cells were gone. I still go in every 6 months till the end of this year for my checks but so far so good. I feel that what I have been through the last 8 years has made me a stronger person cause you learn how to deal with life and what comes at you. My thoughts are with each and every one of you that is going through this.
  • 05-15 -2008
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