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    I indeed share your anxieties about having radiation. From day 1 my \"gut\" was saying NO to radiation because of my fears of its short/long-term effects, and also it feels like just too much of an invasion on my healthy body. In times of greatest frustration I think, okay I did the radical hysterectomy--now enough! I am still making a decision about whether or not to have radiation. Fortunately I am working with a Radiology Oncologist who is doing absolutely everything possible to ease my fears including trying to put me in touch with woman who have gone through the treatments. Right now I have gotten to the point that I am leaning towards doing the treatments out of fear of a reoccurence and that it would be the most \"responsible\" thing to do. I am still a ways from being at \"peace,\" but am feeling like I am moving in that direction. The Radiology Oncologist is also being patient with me about timing and isn\^t pushing that I make a decision until I am okay with it. I truly am feeling the compassion and caring from her and her staff--that is a huge comfort!
    So Louise, I am so with you on your fears and anxieties. Keep seeking out more info. Some factors that have been helpful for me is learning that great advances have been made in targeting the potential malignant cell areas and staying away as much as possible from healthy body parts. Find a Radiologist Oncologist who you feel confident in and is listening to your fears. I am with you Louise--I know we will work this through!
  • 05-07 -2008
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