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  • Gee--on the status of my story it states \"cancer survivor\". I\^m not there yet but I\^m trying!

    I\^m 45 and have had pap tests yearly since 15. Five years ago ONE pap came back abnormal--3 more were done every 3 months and all fine. Told to come back in a year. The next five years--fine pap tests. Went in March 07--fine test. Decided to go in ONE month earlier (I had a new insurance carrier so I COULD go in earlier)in Feb 08. Abnormal pap smear. OOOOH. Got back in 3 weeks later (I don\^t work & still did not manage to snag an appt) for colposcopy. SHE took 4 cuts (9 a.m.,12p.m.,3 p.m., 6 p.m. and a endocervical curettage).


    The really scary part is 3 cuts and the curettage were high grade only. The oncologist tells me that if the DOC made a cut at the 7 p.m. location of the cervix it may not have been caught for another year but would have been clearly stage 3 by then. WHAT?

    LADIES--WE must do something about this. What kind of test is this? In 2008 can\^t we find something better than \"iffy\"? Does everyone here REALIZE this is the first and ONLY test and has been around since the cave men. I know we are all hurting. I had a radical hysterectomy, lymph node removal and ovary removal one week ago. That sure isn\^t any bowl of cherries.I don\^t know about the biopsy or further treatment yet. I do know the lymph nodes were \"suspicious\". THIS test is not not acceptable for you OR my 2 daughters. Lets get mad. It is 2008 and if someone can make boobs they have to make a better test than this.

    I don\^t know where I\^m at with cancer buy I do have a big mouth and will speak to anyone.I bet I\^ve asked 250 women when there last paps were---gee, those responses are quite scary.I\^m also passing out these lovely plastic bracelets from this site--it is worth $1 to me if some gall will wear it and make her appt.
  • 05-06 -2008
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