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  • Hi I am Keri, 28 years young. While I was younger I never seemed to have a normal period - always heavy and very painful. There would be days I would be bent over in pain. In my 20\^s I began to spot irregularly and no doctor could seem to figure it out. About a year ago I had a pap come back in results of abnormal cells - after that the procedure that was said to be painless...totally not hearing a snipping sound as pieces of your body were removed was gut wrenching. Results came back that I needed a Leep to remove all abnormal cells. Recovery was quick but I proceeded with caution. I went back as scheduled for my paps every 3 months - my doctor told me that after 3 consecutive tests come back negative I can come back in a year!! Wow I though a Year!! The first 2 can back perfect! But then to my surprise I found out I was pregnant - my worries seemed to all disappear...What was I thinking! My doctor did a pap the other day and now the abnormal cells are back. I am left totally speechless. Now I can terminate the pregnancy and treat my body or I can wait another 6 1/2 months to have the baby and hope the cells have not taken over. What a mess! Life doesn\^t seem fair; it just doesn\^t...more posts to follow.
  • 05-04 -2008
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