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  • Hi my name is Debbie ,My nightmare started on February 28th 2008.I carried my 26 yr old daughter Brandy to the ER with severe stomach cramps and heavy bleeding,the DR did a female exam on her and he said something wasnt right never having a clue this DR was fixing to shatter my world along with my daughters,he sent her for an MRI and he did a pap smear as well after he did his part he sent my daughter straight to an OBGYN there the DR did some things doing biopsies which caused my daughter very much pain,her sent her home and said he would get back with her when the results came in this was Friday ,he said it will take a few days .On that Tuesday eh called and confirmed the cancer .The following Friday she saw the onocology Dr that swhen he told us she had type 2b cervical I was speechless Brandy cried and I had to fight it back for her . She started her treatments chemo and radiation the first week in March the chemo has really done a number on her she stays sick all the time.The internal implants are awful its like something straight out of the mid evil she was so heart breaking to see and I felt like nothing and a nobody ,mothers protect there babies but this was one time I was helpless all I could do is hold her hand and reassure her that I loved her dearly.The DR seems to think she can make a full recovery I just pray she does and some of the stories Ive read on here are very positive and makes things look brighter .I need your prayers for my daughter I will keep you posted in the days to come ,she will go back in the hospital May 5th 2008 Thank You
  • 05-03 -2008
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