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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Hi so far I am a cancer survivor.

    This message is back to Jessie and Caryn

    You both seem to have almost identical to mine.

    I am 2 days away for my extra \"insurance\" radiation therapy. I am so afraid of the short and long term side effects.

    I have an unusual story concerning my diagnosis. I\^m not sure why, but I went straight from my general practitioner who biopsied what turned out to be a stage IB1 adenocarcenoma in Dec. Then I was \"ok to go on vacation because I would not get an appointment until after the holidays at the specialist\"

    So I looked on the internet and found a great specialist who I liked and he assumed I had an endometrial cancer and it is strange but he told me I could probably go on vacation for 3 weeks and still be ok. ( he sent me for and MRI which showed nothing) My cancer was microscopic at this time aprox 4mmx14mm - we know this because of the hystorectomy- he did not do a radical because he took biopsies during surgery of the cervix that were negative and did not want to give me lymphadema. Believe me- I did get 3 opinions and all of the specialists and former patients agree that this doctor was good. Anyway, I did do research, but was and still am struck by panic and fear. I have seen 4 specialists at UCLA and 1 at Cedars and have been advised to have the radiation. 1 specialist recommended Chemotherapy also, but I consulted the chemo doctor and he said there were no studies saying that cisplatin did or didn\^t work on the adenos- it for sure helps the xrays fight squamous cell carcinomas. Anyway this whole story is making me nervous and sick and mentally ill. I\^m glad to read some of your stories. It sound like Caryn didn\^t have the chemo--- and is doing ok. I am looking for some hope after radiation. My UCLA gynonc did not want to over treat me with the radiation since we don\^t think cancer is in the lymph nodes- CT scan was negative but there still could be cells. All of the doctors think I will survive this. So that is good. But will I survive the treatments and the should have seen a doctor sooners- in my own mind. From some of these stories-- it looks like sometimes the doctors don\^t always help right away either.

    Depressed- please help me louise-
    I\^m honestly thinking about not doing treatments- but I don\^t want to risk getting cancer back!!!
  • 05-02 -2008
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