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  • My daughter Brandy who is 26yrs.old was diagnosed with type 2b cervical cancer in February 2008.She is currently undergoing radiation and chemo.She has had one hospital stay with the internal radiation which was a total nightmare not only for her but myself as well ,she will have her second one May 5th.She has a wonderful Dr and with her on our side I feel positive we will beat this cancer. She is being treated at the Gibbs Cancer in Spartanburg SC and her Dr is Dr Griffin,thse people have made all the difference in the world to Brandy as well as her family ,they are kind caring and loving people . This has been a long road one in which I hope I never have to repeat with one of my children.The cancer is not only hard on the patient its hard on the family ,this really breaks my heart and there have been times and still are times Im not sure if I will get through this ,mothers are suppose to keep there children safe from harm but this is one time I am helpless I feel I have let her down and thats an awful feeling for a mother to feel .
  • 05-01 -2008
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