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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I have sat here reading some of the stories here and I decided that it was time to tell mine because I need help. At 17 years old I got pregnant and gave up my son, because my mother told me it was the best choice for me. I am sure that she meant it at the time. But in Oct 2004 I found out that I had stage 1B invasive cervical cancer. It all happened so fast, one minute I was a healthy fun-loving 26 year old and the next a cancer patient. My doctor told me that the only treatment that would work was a radical hysterectomy. I was devastated and didn\^t know what to do. I went through with the surgery and I have been cancer free ever since. But there is still a part of me that feels like its dying. Now here it is 2008 and everyone I know is having babies and I can\^t even be around them. I love kids and I love my friends and family but I am struggling to find my happy thoughts through it all. Whats worse is that now my mother is mad at me because I can\^t find the strength to be happy for my brother and his girlfriend who are now expecting their first kid. Its like she just doesn\^t get it. I am turning to the people that might understand with hopes that someone out there might know how I am feeling and tell me some ways to deal with this and possibly help me overcome this.
  • 04-30 -2008
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