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  • Hi Diane: I am 30 and was diagnosed last month with adenocarcinoma. Until February of this year, I had always had normal paps with the exception of about 5-6 years ago when I had 2 abnormals. I had colposcopies each time, but the doctor did NOT do any biopsies b/c everything looked normal. Subsequently, my normal paps confirmed that I was fine (or so I was told). Obviously this was not the case and I was suddenly diagnosed with invasive cancer. If I could go back....I would insist that the doctor biopsy a couple of areas during my colps five years ago as a precaution. It turns out that adenocarcinoma is more difficult to diagnose through paps and is more agressive. Perhaps if pre-cancerous cells were detected back then, I would not be looking at a hysterectomy now (I have no kids). I wish I would have had this site then...I just had no idea about the reality that paps are not perfect and cancer can appear without abnormal changes and in younger people. I too had complained for 2 years about bleeding mid-cycle. I was told it was probably due to long-term use of birth control pills. While I can\^t be sure that a drop in progesterone mid-cycle wasn\^t to blame, I can say that youth and the appearance of health is no excuse to assume everything is OK. If you would like more advice and resources, I suggest you join The cervical cancer group is great and can be a lot of help. I hope you are OK, but in any case you are doing the right thing by educating yourself first. God Bless.
  • 04-27 -2008
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