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  • There are HAPPY ending. Our second daughter was born in August 1976. After six weeks I returned to my OB GYN for a check up. Everything was fine. In December, I was diagnosed with stage 1B1 cervical cancer, after developing bleeding after intercourse. January 10, 1977 (my sister\^s birthday) I had surgery. The removal of all but the ovaries was done. No chemotherapy or radiation had to be done. The cancer was in it\^s very early stage. I was told that it could have taken another 5-6 years before it would have shown up in a pap test. I now have been 31 years cancer free. Have seen the birth of 4 beautiful grandchildren, and will celebrate a 36 year anniversary in June. I pray for all who have, or are still going through the healing of cervical cancer surgery. You too shall have a HAPPY ending.
  • 04-27 -2008
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