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  • Well here it goes...May 2004 I had a myomectomy to remove fibroid cysts and by October 2005 they had returned. At this point the pain and agony pushed me to have a hysterectomy. Two days after my hysterectomy I was told that my pathology report showed cancer...I had to heal at least two weeks before meeting my new oncologist and had no idea what I faced. Well the time came and I was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma stage 2B. I received 28 external radiation treatments, 2 internal radiation treatments and 6 chemo treatments of cisplatin. Things went very well as I even worked 20 hours a week during treatment...Looking back that was crazy of me but I loved my job as a Store Manager for a major womens retailer and didn\^t see myself as sick. After treatment I continued to follow-up with my doctor every 3 months. Well 14 months later at a check-up, my doctor noticed some tissue change and requested a biopsy..and 3 days later I got the news that my cancer was back! My option was to have a PELVIC EXONERATION that would give me the highest chance of survival...At this point, I still didn\^t look at the seriousness of what was about to happen to me... I was very positive and thought no big deal, I even told my boss, I\^ll be back to work in no time...Well to say the least that was not the case. My Pelvic Exoneration was performed on April 3, 2007...they removed my vagina, bladder, appendix, rectum, anus and part of my colon. My vagina was reconstructed with my upper stomach muscle, I was given a colostomy and part of my colon was used to make me a new bladder called an Indiana Pouch, I self cath in the side of my stomach! WOW! What a lifestyle change! My surgery was 14 hours long! My family still reminds of that day how thankful they were when Dr. Bevers came out to tell them that my lympnodes were clean so he could precede with the surgery. I was in the hospital 14 days and finally went home to an extended stay hotel with my mom to continue my recovery for another few weeks before being released to go back to Louisiana. FYI My doctor is at MD Anderson in Houston and I live in Louisiana. I recovered I started having Kidney Infections and unfortunately this past year I was in and out of the hospital 55 days due to infections and in addition having my gall bladder removed. As I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary of cancer free...this past year has been an incredible journey!!! I cannot say enough about my doctor, he is my miracle worker! I am still not back to work and will not be able to work in my prior job due to the physical requirements...alot has changed for me this year...There is so much more to tell, but I think this is enough for now. Please write me if you have any questions about my surgery or just want to talk! Stay positive!
  • 04-19 -2008
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