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  • hi my name is janet i was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2006 i had regular pap tests which were all normal even my last one which i had done in 2003 so i was shocked to say the least that id got full blown cancer i thought pap tests were supposed to pick up cell abnormalities before they resulted in cancer i had also had a baby 9 months prior to this bad news iam also baffled as to why the cancer wasnt detected then,i was booked in for a hysterectomy but was informed they couldnt go ahead as the cancer had spread into the tissue ,i had to under go a cystoscopy to stage the cancer, at that point i was told i was told i was a stage 2 and that i was being sent for six weeks of chemo radiotherapy then internal radiotherapy ,whilst being briefed on this procedure by another doctor was then told i was a stage 3 as the back pain i told them about in the first meeting was caused by the tumour blocking my urethers, by this time i didnt know whether i was coming or going 2 different people telling me to different things i wanted to know why i wasnt told this by the first doctor, anyway went ahead with all the treatment got through it god knows how trying to stay positive but its really hard i think every ache and pain i get has it come back and believe me i have had loads of pain ecspecially in my back and hip since the treatment still glad to be here hope i stay around long enough to see my son grow up t be a man god bless all you cancer survivors out there
  • 04-19 -2008
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