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  • Congrats to the NCCC & its honest brave members. I cant blve I\^ve just found this website, its incredibly helpful & heartwarming. In 2004 I went for a routine smear after months of painful urinary infections & prescribed medicines that failed. The LEEP followed Oct 04 & showed I had CIN3 & HPV, I didnt know much about my cervix & its role and knew nothing of HPV, not a thing. I was a healthy, slim, career-building 36 yr old in a fab relationship, now marriage. I had to rtn in 6 mnths, so I did Mar 05, but I was newly 9 wks pregnant so they said (here in the UK) that I cld NOT be smeared at all. At 6 mnths pregnant I went back again for a cervical check, again they said they cldnt smear & said all looked cervically fine. My perfect son was born Dec 05. A follow up smear was actually due Mar 06, but I had to change appts and due to serious hosp appt overloads, the soonest I got in was June 06. The result came back 3 mnths later (very very late)< I was SHOCKED to find I was STILL CIN3 (HPV),nothing had immproved since Oct 04! I was on my way to Oz anwyay so sought a 2nd opinion from my childhood doc when I got there who rushed my smear result through due to seeing blood on the slide, on Dec 06 I tragically underwent a RAD HYST & 23 pelvic lymph nodes were removed due to Stage 1B1 cancer. My LVSI showed positive from the Cone B prior, so it all had to come out. I kept my ovaries.I\^m still SO heartbroken from being made barren, for the pain & complications and for their lack of attention to detail for not picking up the warning signs when they were there - and you CAN smear during pregnancy, if they had, I may have had an LVSI NEG result & we cld have consummated our family as we had dreamed. We are now suing. This cancer was preventable whilst under the UK mecical\^s watch and we wont stop until they are made accountable. It just isnt fair that no urgency is shown when a woman\^s in trouble & very pre-cancerous. Regards. C
  • 04-16 -2008
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