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  • I was about 23 when I was referred by Planned Parenthood to an ob/gyn for treatment of HPV, which is well known to increase your risk of cervical cancer. To everyone who might be reading this, please stress to your daughters, nieces, granddaughters how important it is to use condoms - I was young and in love, and he didn`t tell me he knew he had HPV. Anyway, the ob/gyn was very nice, but kept noting "contact bleeding" every time I had my Pap smear, which was every six months. He also noted that it if continued he would perform a colposcopy - he noted this for three years, and never did perform it. I didn`t have insurance, and trusted that he didn`t think it was necessary. I thank God every day of my life that this particular doctor, who I don`t believe was deliberately negligent, moved away and I had to find another doctor. On my first visit, he diagnosed me with nothing more than a visual exam, and scheduled an immediate cone biopsy. I was stage 4 by then, large invasive carcinoma with evidence in the lymphatic vessels. My beloved new doctor and his staff held my hand, gave me the best care one could possibly ask for, and referred me to the best gynocological oncologist in the area. Very soon after I had a radical hysterectomy and my lymph nodes removed. I was 29 years old, married for two years, and no children. It was very hard on my husband (who was not the same person that passed on the HPV virus), since he was so wanting children. However, I am now 38 and in perfect health. Ladies, please please please, if you feel something is not right, question your doctor, ask for a second or third opinion, and don`t let cost stand between you and your health - if I had insisted upon a $300 office procedure with the original doctor, I would not be where I am today. But I am so blessed with my health, and my life, and my family that the entire ordeal made me who I am today, and while some men may not think I am a "whole" woman because I can`t have children, I think I am more whole because I have walked through the fire and come out better for it... God be with every one of you who is going through this, He will bring you through it!
  • 09-02 -2005
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