Community Outreach Toolkit

The NCCC is works with community organizations, sororities and campus groups, and others across the country to hold awareness and fundraising campaigns to raise awareness about HPV and cervical cancer in their communities.The NCCC Community Outreach Toolkit will help you get started with awareness and fundraising activities and events in your community or at your school. You can download individual Toolkit components below.

The Toolkit includes the following items:

Raising Awareness

About the National Cervical Cancer Coalition
NCCC and the American Sexual Health Association
Brainstorming Ways to Raise Awareness
Communications Plan
HPV and Cervical Cancer Fact Sheet
Ways to Raise Awareness about HPV & Cervical Cancer in Your Community
Ways to Contact the Media
Radio PSAs
Useful Links

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Posters (January)

Starting an NCCC Chapter in Your Community

Starting an NCCC Chapter
New Chapter Application form


If you are interested in holding a fundraiser for NCCC, a great first step is to contact NCCC for suggestions how to proceed. There are rules about fundraising with the NCCC name and/or logo that we cna help clarify. We also have recommend vendors who can make the job easier. Contact NCCC early in the process to ensure success with your event. When you have ideas and plans for your event, complete and submit the Fundraising event application form below to get started.

Fundraising event application
Fundraising activity report
Fundraising Ideas
Sample Fundraising Letter (January)
Wedding Favor