NCCC Conference 2013 Resources

The 2013 NCCC National Conference was held January 19-20 in Atlanta, GA, and brought together cervical cancer survivors, family members and caregivers, health professionals,  researchers, and advocates from across the U.S.

We want to thank all the participants, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors who joined NCCC chapter leaders and staff to make our 2013 meeting such a success.


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  • Merck & Company
  • Hologic
  • Roche
  • Pure Romance
  • Alan and Sarina Kaye


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  • Stephanie Vasofsky Cervical Cancer Foundation
  • For the Women We Love
<p><strong>Saturday January 19th</strong><br />   1:00-1:30 Welcome, ASHA/NCCC  Overview </p> <ul>   <li>Lynn Barclay, ASHA President and CEO</li> </ul> <p>1:30-2:30 HPV &amp; Cervical  Cancer 101 &amp; Guidelines Update</p> <ul>   <li>HPV and cervical cancer overview <br>     Lois Ramondetta,  MD<br /> Director, Division  of Gynecologic Oncology<br /> Lyndon B.  Johnson General Hospital, Houston, TX</li> </ul> <ul>   <li>Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines Update<br>     Mona Saraiya, MD,  MPH<br /> Medical Officer, Division of Cancer Prevention and  Control<br /> Centers for Disease Control and Prevention</li> </ul> <p><br />   2:30-3:30 Survival, Support, and  Saying the Words: Let’s Talk! <br />   Moderators: Christine Baze,  Yellow Umbrella Organization and Deborah Arrindell, ASHA VP, health policy</p> <ul>   <li>Ashley Altman – NCCC Chapter Leader, Georgia</li>   <li>Noel Aube- NCCC Chapter Leader, Connecticut</li>   <li>Sandy Fischer- NCCC Chapter Leader, New Jersey</li>   <li>Jackie Golson- Patient Advocate, Texas</li> </ul> <p>3:30-3:45 Break<br />   3:45-4:30 Family Building Options <br />   Moderator: Lori Stone, NCCC  Pacific Northwest Chapter</p> <ul>   <li>Lisa Flowers, MD<br>     Associate  Professor, Gynecologic Oncology<br /> Emory University  School of Medicine</li> </ul> <ul>   <li>Jessica B. Spencer, MD, MSc<br>     Assistant  Professor, Reproductive Endocrinology &amp; Infertility <br /> Emory Reproductive  Center</li> </ul> <p>  4:30-5:15 Stress Reduction, Just  Breathe! <br /> Moderator: Deborah Arrindell</p> <ul>   <li>Emily Francis, PhD<br>   Motivational  speaker, author, yoga instructor</li> </ul> <p>  5:15-5:20 Day One Wrap-up<br />   6:00-7:30 Founder’s Reception</p> <p><br />   <strong>Sunday January 20th</strong></p> <p><br />   7:00-8:00 Breakfast Buffet <br />   8:15-9:15 Sex &amp; Pleasure <br />   Moderator: Deborah Arrindell </p> <ul>   <li>Hilda Hutcherson, MD <br>     Clinical  Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology<br /> Columbia  University Medical Center</li> </ul> <p>   9:15-10:15 Ask the Experts Panel <br />   Moderator: Lynn Barclay</p> <ul>   <li>Hilda Hutcherson, MD, MPH</li>   <li>Lois Ramondetta, MD</li>   <li>Lisa Flowers, MD</li> </ul> <p>10:15-10.30 Break<br />   10:30-11:15 HPV &amp; Politics,  Advocacy </p> <ul>   <li>Deborah Arrindell, Federal Policy</li>   <li>Libby Derting, Women in Government</li> </ul> <p>11:15-12:15 What Can I Do? <br />   Moderator: Deborah Arrindell</p> <ul>   <li>Tamika Felder<br>   Founder and  President, Tamika &amp; Friends</li> </ul> <ul>   <li>Lori Stone, NCCC Pacific Northwest Chapter  Leader</li> </ul> <p>12:15-12:30 Wrap-up, Closing  Remarks<br />   Lauren Whiteside, NCCC South  Carolina Chapter Leader <br />   Lynn Barclay</p>