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Sandy Fischer on Dr. OzNCCC NJ Chapter Leader Sandy Fischer appeared on the Dr. Oz show on October 11, 2012, to share her story and raise awareness about HPV and cervical cancer. Sandy discussed her sister's devastating diagnosis with stage 4 cervical cancer at the age of 36 and spoke about the importance of regular screening for early diagnosis of cervical cancer. Talking about her sister's experience, Sandy notes, "By the time she was diagnosed, it was too late."

Click here to watch part 1 of the segment with Sandy (starting at 3:58) and here for part 2.

Sandy also shared her story with cervical cancer survivor advocate and advocate Tamika Felder for her project, Cervivor. In her interview, Sandy discusses why the HPV vaccine is important to her and why she has no hesitations about getting her children vaccinated.


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The New Jersey Chapter’s signature event its annual 5K Halloween fundraiser. The 5th annual Halloween 5K was held on October 25, 2014 and drew a lively crowd (see event pictures at left). Over the years, the event has helped the chapter raise funds to promote its educational efforts and, most significantly, allowed the chapter to award $5,000 to a local health center to support free Pap tests for women in need.

The NJ chapter also holds other events throughout the year, including a Stella and Dot trunk show, an event to raise funds and share information about HPV and cervical cancer prevention. The chapter is also currently promoting a teal jewelry fundraiser selling Bravelets, "bracelets are worn to help you be strong and brave in tough situations" $10 from each purchase goes to the New Jersey Chapter.

Have a question about any of the events, or want to volunteer? Contact Chapter Leader Sandy Fischer.

Local Resources

To find out if you qualify for a free or low-cost mammogram and Pap test and where to get screened, call: (800) 328-3838

Cancer Education and Early Detection Program
New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
50 East State Street, Sixth Floor
PO Box 364 
Trenton, NJ 08625–0364
(609) 292-8540
Fax: (609) 292-3580


Want to learn more about the chapter? Interested in volunteering for an upcoming event or fundraiser, or just getting more information? Contact Chapter Leader Sandy Fischer to learn more.